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Democracy for All
A great workshop in Port Elizabeth

Our partners at Streetlaw South Africa held a three-day "Democracy for All" train-the-trainers workshop with a diverse group of community volunteers and ward councillors in Port Elizabeth recently.

Participants say they enjoyed the workshop

Participants say they enjoyed the workshop


Civic education on important topics

Themes related to a deeper understanding of democracy, separation of powers, human rights and active citizenship, and some sessions dealt specifically with abuse of power. One day was dedicated to the upcoming elections and voter education, covering topics such as "Candidates in an election", "Free and fair elections", "Voting procedures", "Political tolerance and elections" as well as "Accepting the results of the election". 

Democracy board game

The huge Democracy board game


Interactive training methods

Using the practical "Democracy for All" handbooks for learners and for facilitators published recently by Streetlaw South Africa with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation, as well as videos from our Civics Academy project, the workshops were very interactive, and participants praised content, methodology and presenters in their feedback.  They also enjoyed the huge "Democracy board game" which was played outside. 

Find free videos for democracy education on our Civics Academy website: