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New research report launched in Pretoria
Africa and climate change: projecting vulnerability and adaptive capacity

"Can Africa adapt to future impacts of climate change?" - This question formed the title of the launch seminar for a comprehensive new research report just published at the Institute for Security Studies.

The author of the new report, Lily Welborn

Lily Welborn, author of the new report


Comprehensive research on a crucial topic

"Human activities have warmed the climate 1 °C above pre-industrial levels, triggering fundamental changes in the earth’s physical and social landscapes. Africa has contributed little to climate change, but is home to some of the world’s harshest climates and most vulnerable populations. To navigate the risks climate change poses to Africans over the coming decades, governments must prioritise human development and harmonise economic development with climate change adaptation strategies". From the new research report "Africa and climate change: projecting vulnerability and adaptive capacity" which was presented by the author

Key findings of the new research

Key findings of the new research


Scenarios and policy recommendations

The new research report was drafted using the "International Futures" software. It was developed at the University of Denver, and it uses thousands of publicly available data sets to study "current path scenarios" of development in key areas of society. The software itself is open source as well. The experts also explore key factors necessary to achieve improved alternative scenarios, and they give policy recommendations accordingly. Find the report here:

Cover photo for the event recording

Cover image: recording of the event


Watch a recording of the presentations

Author Lily Welborn, a Researcher in the African Futures and Innovation Programme at the ISS, presented the results of her studies, with Paul-Simon Handy, Senior Research Fellow at the ISS as the respondent. Dr. Jakkie Cilliers chaired the event and facilitated the lively Q & A session. The presentations could be followed in a livestream online as well. 

Find a recording here: