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New Policy Brief launched at ISS event
"Aligning South Africa's migration policies with its African vision"

This is the title of a new Policy Brief just published by our Migration partner project at the Institute for Security Studies Pretoria. It was launched this week during a panel discussion with the author.

The panel during the discussion at the ISS

The panel during the ISS launch seminar


Panel of experts with experience in research and practical work

Aimée-Noël Mbiyozo, the author of the new Policy Brief, Senior Research Consultant at the ISS, and Corey R Johnson, Advocacy Officer at the Scalabrini Centre in Cape Town, were joined on the panel by Ottilia Anna Maunganidze (centre), Head of Special Projects at the ISS, who facilitated the discussion.

Cover of the event invitation

From the invitation for the event


Understanding policies and practices - and how to inform them

Speakers at the event shed light on different aspects of current South African migration policy and proposed changes. They also described Department of Home Affairs practices and other relevant societal developments and the impact they have on the lives of refugees and migrants.  What are the implications of proposed changes to South African migration policies? How can civil society use research results to impact policy making processes and implementation, and to inform public discourses? These are some of the questions discussed in the Question and Answer session with the audience as well.

A new Policy Brief was launched - cover image

The cover image of the new Policy Brief just launched


Policy Brief and event recording available online

The new ISS Policy Brief based on HSF supported research starts with a brief executive summary listing key findings and recommendations for different stakeholder groups. It is available online now:

The contributions of the speakers during the panel discussion could also be followed in a livestream online during the event. Watch a recording here: