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Philanthropy Unusual
Annual Symposium of the Independent Philanthropy Association of South Africa

Philanthropy Unusual - this was the theme of the IPASA Symposium, the Annual Conference of the Independent Philanthropy Association of South Africa held in Johannesburg, which we participated in recently.


Part of the Programme


Renowned experts and interactive conference sessions

The conference included several valuable presentations and interactive sessions in different, innovative formats which allowed for true dialogue, sharing of experience and a joint reflection on the bigger picture for future strategy and practice. Shelagh Gastrow, an expert with many years of diverse experience in the fields of NGO work, Civil Society and Philanthropy and regular author of publications on the subject, was one of the co-organisers of the productive conference.  A new article of hers speaks to an important theme covered at the Conference as well - Ensuring accountability and vigilance in the non-profit sector:


A topical publication, available online

A topical publication which is available online


Stanford expert gives topical keynote address

A thought provoking keynote address was given by renowned expert Lucy Bernholz, Director, Civil Society Lab, Stanford Centre on Philanthropy and Civil Society: Does Philanthropy Matter?

Find the new report "Blueprint 2018. Philanthropy and Digital Civil Society" online here:

Panel on questions of land reform and a community pilot project

Panel on a community pilot project and questions of land reform


Panel with community leaders and Chairperson of AgriSA

A panel discussion with Jay Naidoo, former trade union leader, minister and trustee of the Earthrise Trust, Dan Kriek, Chairperson of AgriSA, and community leaders from a pilot project in Naledi Village, on "Land, Race and Social Cohesion: A Game Changing Approach" debated support for pilot projects and their challenges. 

The multi-stakeholder discussion on the land question which is debated intensely in South Africa at the moment was perceived as particularly enlightening.


Panel of renowned international experts

A panel of renowned international experts


Worlwide Initiative for Grantmaker Support (WINGS)

Benjamin Belly, Executive Director of Worldwide Initiative for Grantmaker Support (WINGS) spoke on "Building strong philanthropy support eco-systems to leverage impact". A presentation on this important topic is available online, together with many other very useful ressources WINGS is offering: