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Exciting new Factsheets
Decentralisation in Africa

Our partner team in the Dullah Omar Institute at the University of the Western Cape has just published 10 Factsheets on Decentralisation in Africa, with HSF support. Find out more about the project, and explore the insightful Factsheets.

List: Factsheets on Decentralisation in Africa - overview of topics

Factsheets on Decentralisation in Africa - overview of topics


Diverse types and forms of decentralization - consideration of context is crucial


Interest in government decentralisation or federalism has grown worldwide. Many forms of decentralization have been developed around the world with varying results and success.

In some countries, decentralisation is considered to promote good governance and democratisation, while other countries want to defuse ethnic tensions or competition between regions through federal structures.

In Africa, a growing number of countries would like to adopt or are in the process of implementing reforms that involve some form of decentralisation. However, these concepts and related mechanisms are complex, multi-layered and often confusing.


Together with the DOI, we have therefore decided to use the first African School of Decentralisation as the ideal opportunity to develop 10 clear and easily accessible factsheets that allow policymakers, practitioners, students and the public to better understand the various concepts and mechanisms associated with decentralisation.


You can download all the Factsheets here:


1 - Decentralisation: Definitions of key concepts

2 - Federalism and federations

3 - Local government: Factors and reasons

4 - Local government autonomy

5 - Local government powers

6 - Local government finances

7 - Supervision of local government

8 - Local government and cooperative government

9 -  Role of traditional authorities in local governance

10 - African Charter on the Values and Principles of Decentralisation, Local Governance and Local Development’


Download the combined document including Factsheets 1 to 10:


Factsheets on Decentralisation in Africa



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