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Partner seminar on crucial topic
How to extinguish South Africa’s flames of xenophobia

Our partners in the Justice and Violence Prevention Program at the Institute for Security Studies Pretoria co-hosted this event, together with the Institute for the Future of Knowledge (University of Johannesburg), on how to counter the worrying trends of xenophobia in SA.

At this online seminar, very valuable contributions were made by panelists Godfrey Mulaudzi, Researcher, Justice and Violence Prevention, ISS, Dr Dale McKinley, Kopanang Africa Against Xenophobia, and Elize du Toit, Deputy Director, Department of Justice & Constitutional Development, South Africa - as well as participants from the audience in the engaging discussion.

The debate highlighted the need to understand historic and current drivers of xenophobia in South Africa and called for civil society and government action.



Find out more - a recording of the event is available here:


Organised groups such as Operation Dudula increasingly target African immigrants in South Africa. Building on myths about foreign nationals and anti-migrant attitudes, widespread violence is becoming more likely. An outbreak similar to the deadly 2008 xenophobic violence that spread rapidly across the country must be averted. This event, co-hosted by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and the Institute for the Future of Knowledge, University of Johannesburg, discussed how civil society and government need to proactively counter this trend and extinguish the flames of xenophobic sentiment before it is too late.



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