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Just published: our latest Newsletter
HSF Quarterly

Our first "HSF Quarterly" Newsletter for 2021 has just been published. We share news about great work our partners did over the past months, and it contains links to new research reports, articles, interviews and videos as well. Open it to discover a world of engaging work and incisive analysis in South Africa and beyond.

We work with great partner teams in South Africa

We work with great partner teams in South Africa


Read about the new Local Government Bulletin website by the Dullah Omar Institute and about City Councillor Training in Cape Town, watch a video about the potential impact of Covid-19 in South Africa and on the continent, and strategies to mitigate it, and find out about important online seminars. We share links to new partner publications on crucial topics, as well as articles drafted by our team. Don't miss the interview with Dr Glenda Gray, renowned President of the South African Medical Research Council ... and watch our videos with key insights from recent events. The state of the judiciary, the need for police reform and the role of a social compact are just some of the themes covered. 

Find out about the work of our great partner institutions and the HSF Team in South Africa here: 

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