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Book research workshop at the ISS Pretoria
Interdisciplinary Workshop on African Futures

Over the past two days, we have been participating in a very stimulating, productive interdisciplinary workshop with the team of the African Futures and Innovation Project at the Institute for Security Studies in Pretoria which was supported by the HSF.

Presentation by Dr Jakkie Ciliers

Dr Jakkie Cilliers presenting the International Futures methodology


Intense engagements, deep and creative thinking

Discussions with a large group of international policy analysts and experts from Africa and other world regions explored questions of health, education, food, demographics, water, energy, climate change, trade, good governance and foreign policy in different African countries. The political economies of different countries were considered as context and instrumental in shaping societal developments and growth. The ISS team uses the International Futures software which is based on thousands of data sets and freely available as "open source", to analyse current path scenarios and possible futures in crucial areas of development.


Prof Augustin Fosu presenting his award winning research

Prof Augustin Fosu from Ghana presenting his award winning research


Focus on growth and poverty reduction

The potential impact of the 4th industrial revolution in various areas was explored, and the presentations and engagements focussed on paths to reduce poverty and inequality. The outcomes of the workshop will inform an upcoming new book on possible scenarios for African Futures which draws on recent research reports of the project team at the ISS. The research was carried out with HSF support, and the book is expected to be published next year. 

To find out about the methodology using the International Futures Software, the work of the African Futures Project and some of the research results, watch this short informative video: