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New Campaign: #WeCommit
"It's time to prevent violence against children"

This is the title of a new video just released by our partners at the ISS. The video will support violence prevention work in South Africa, and it is available online as well.

Dialogue Forum meeting

Small group work at the Dialogue Forum

In South Africa, rates of violence against women and children are particularly high

How do we prevent violence against women and children? Our partners at the ISS Pretoria have been working in this field in many ways for a number of years - they also convened a Dialogue Forum of organisations active in this space.  The Dialogue Forum for Evidence-Based Programmes to Prevent Violence against Women and Children was established in 2015. It is a collaboration of academics, South African and international NGOs evaluating violence-prevention programmes, and government officials. They include representatives from the Departments of Health, Justice, Basic Education, Social Servies, as well as National Treasury. 

Cover of new report

Action research, and research based actions, are crucial


A promising cross sector collaboration initiative

Participants meet regularly to exchange experience and information, to work jointly on projects and build strong cross-sector relationships. They aim to facilitate support for promising initiatives and a strengthening of partners, the use of best practice examples and a scaling up of expenditure and implementation.  For more information about this exciting project, find the policy brief "From research to action: reducing violence in South Africa" online:

During a meeting of the Dialogue Forum

Meeting of the Dialogue Forum


The video will raise awareness and support important work in strong coalitions

A short VIDEO,  "It's time to prevent violence against children", just produced with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation, will now be part of the work, and of the new #WeCommit Campaign:

Watch it here:


ISS research fellow Dr Chandre Gould just delivered the keynote address at the South African National School Safety Summit. Read an article about this important milestone and her team's work: