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Cross-sector cooperation initiative
Leadership Collaboration Training Programme

Our partners at the In Transformation Initiative have been hosting this interactive cross-sector training program over a number of months – it concluded with an insightful, moving Graduation Day recently. Leaders from municipalities, business and civil society in the Waterberg District had attended many sessions together.

Group picture: Training participants on graduation day

Training participants on graduation day


This practice oriented project stimulated reflections, debate and joint learning. Promoting self-awareness as well as context analysis,  the program focussed on aspects of team work, organisational development, communication, crucial conversation skills, project management and stakeholder involvement.  

The diverse, engaging modules were facilitated by experts and practitioners from different fields, as well as great guest speakers and trainers. They had been conceptualised by an interdisciplinary team, together with representatives from partner organisations and local stakeholders. Many participants expressed their deep appreciation for the approach and content of the program, and voiced that it  will facilitate their cross-sector collaboration in future as well.

Several practical Action Learning Projects of the group are still continuing – and a new course for the next cohort is planned to start in April.

To find out more, read this short article by the In Transformation Initiative:





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