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NGO Dialogue in Johannesburg
Local Government collaboration

We were honoured to be part of a collaboration dialogue on Local Government topics with our Civics Academy recently. Non-Government Organisation representatives gathered in Johannesburg this week, co-hosted by the Kagiso Trust and Rivonia Circle.


Woman speaking: Sharing experience and ressource information

Sharing experience and ressource information


The Dialogue presented a very welcome, valuable opportunity to exchange experience, expertise and resource information, and to discuss potential joint initiatives and actions to reimagine local government in South Africa.

Participants from renowned organizations represented the Helen Suzman Foundation, Synergos, the Human Sciences Research Council, Good Governance Africa, Afesis, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation and the Public Affairs Research Institute, to name but a few. They decided to continue the conversations.

Text & Logo: Cover page of Civics Academy course on Local Government

Cover page of Civics Academy course on Local Government


We shared information on Local Government work which our partner organisations have been doing with HSF support, including empirical research, councillor training, mentoring programmes, publications and seminars for which links are publicly available as well. We also referred to the Local Government Bulletin the Dullah Omar Insitute publishes as an ongoing resource reservoir.

We introduced our Civics Academy work on Civic Education - with a focus on Local Government related material and activities. The videos in the series are available in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa - and the Local Government Course intended for self-study can be completed for free online.

Find it here:  Civics Academy Local Government Course 




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