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An important series for civic education
New Civics Academy videos on Constitutional Rights

A new series has just been uploaded on the website of our Civics Academy, a project for civic education run by the Hanns Seidel Foundation. HSF partners with the departments of education and NGOs in South Africa to facilitate the use of this resource library.

Cover frame of the Bill of Rights video, with the South African Flag

The cover frame of the Bill of Rights video, with the South African Flag

Echo Ledge; HSF

Why is civic education important?

"These videos explore some of our constitutional rights and the institutions designed to support and enforce them. In order to assert our rights, we need to know their meaning and what they include. To use our democratic institutions appropriately, we need to understand their mandate and how they function."  (from the Introduction)

Like all our content, the scripts for these videos were written and peer reviewed by experts in the field.

You can download smaller versions of these brief videos, which are just a few minutes long each, or watch them online.

The new Civics Academy series looks at South Africa's Bill of Rights, and incudes other videos on topics such as 

- the right to adequate housing
- the right to education
- the right of access to health care
- freedom of assembly and protest
- freedom of expression and hate speech
- how do we use the equality court
- the public protector
- chapter 9 institutions

Use this link to the Civics Academy website