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"Global Perspectives" - new podcast just published
Achieving sustainable development

Can elements of a Social Market Economy facilitate sustainable development in African countries? For an episode of the podcast series “Global Perspectives” being produced by our HSF team in Munich with colleagues from different country offices, we explored this question with experts from South Africa and Germany.

We interviewed Prof. Markus Beckmann, Chair of Corporate Sustainability Management at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen Nuremberg on the history, achievements and current potential of social market economy in different contexts.

We spoke with Dr Jakkie Cilliers and Marius Oosthuizen from HSF partner institutions in South Africa, the Institute for Security Studies and the Gordon Institute of Business Science, about paths to inclusive growth, policy recommendations for reforms and strategies for consensus building in different African countries, with a special focus on South Africa as well.

In his statement, HSF Chairman and MEP Markus Ferber highlighted the role social market economy elements can play in addressing current global societal challenges, and he pointed to the Foundation’s work in this area.


Listen to this insightful podcast:

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You can read the full transcript of the conversations recorded as well:

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