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A great Saturday morning
Supporting civic education for young people ahead of the elections

"Jamboree for Future Choices" - this was the name of a creative event for high school students held recently at the Kara Heritage Institute in Pretoria by the Department of Basic Education.

Engagements in the huge hall

Engagements in the hall


Engaging about our past, present and future

About 500 young people had been invited for a day of interactive engagements about heritage, a cohesive society, career guidance, life choices and active citizenship. In a rotation of small groups, the learners experienced a number of different stations on a variety of topics. Our Civics Academy Project was invited to present one of its videos to each of the groups, "Why should I vote", always followed by a discussion and quiz session.

Students and a Department official supporting the event

Students and Department official supporting the event


Student volunteers

In an innovative, practical collaboration with the Department of Higher Education, students from Tshwane colleges had volunteered to be co-facilitators in the workshops. The event was part of an ongoing partnership we have with the Departments of Education - Civics Academy is actively working on supporting Life Orientation teaching and training in both TVET colleges and high schools in South Africa.

Watching a Civics Academy video together

Watching a Civics Academy video


Discover the Civics Academy videos

All Civics Academy videos are available free of charge online. Watch the video we used in the sessions with high school students using this link: