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Civic education ahead of elections
Timely new Civics Academy Video

"How do you vote in National and Provincial Elections?" - that is the title of a new video we just published as part of our Civics Academy Election Series. The timely video also provides a welcome practical explanation of the new triple ballot system to be used for the first time in the South African Elections at the end of May.

Tweet pic: An HSF Tweet/Post about the new Video on X found interest on the platform

An HSF Tweet/Post about the new Video on X found interest on the platform


On the 29th of May, in the South African National and Provincial Elections, a triple ballot system will be applied for the first time, with voters making their choices on National, Provincial and Regional Ballot Papers for the national and provincial parliaments.

How exactly does voting work now? That is a question many citizens still have, and our new video contributes to the civic education needed at this time. It was produced as part of the Election Series on our Civics Academy Platform, which provides free online educational resources in further video and podcast series as well, for instance on Constitutional Rights, Governance, and an Introduction to Democracy.

A Hanns Seidel Foundation Tweet/Post about the new video found interest and positive feedback on social media.

At the same time, our Civics Academy started a pre-election educational project with regular social media posts and some "Civics Chat" online discussions, inviting everyone interested to join an educational journey exploring Democracy, Governance, and Election basics.

Find the new video here:

How do you vote in National and Provincial Elections? - Video





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